Synology and Crashplan

I┬ápurchased, and have been using a Synology DS412+ NAS at home for about a year now. Previous to that I was running an old desktop with Windows Home Server OS to store all of my files and back things up to the cloud. I have to say that I am very pleased with my Synology NAS and wouldn’t go back to the WHS if you paid me to.

After I got my NAS set up and working as I wanted it to the next big worry was how to backup the data on the device. I had used Crashplan before and wanted to continue to use it on my NAS. Thankfully, Crashplan can be installed in a headless mode on the Synology NASs.

Here is a great article showing you how to install Crashplan on your Synology NAS and how to get the Crashplan software installed on a compouter to configure the headless NAS.

I recently update the DSM on my NAS to the latest version and Crashplan stopped running and refused to restart. I spent about a week trying to figure out why. I┬áre-installed Java and Crashplan but I couldn’t get it to start. Thankfully Mike’s Article has an update at the bottom that explained how to fix the issue, Thanks Mike. This fix was first published by Chris Nelson, here.

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