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Verizon FiOS DVR – Fan Noise

I used to run a Windows Media Center server at home with a Ceton InfiniTV 4 tuner card that connected to an XBOX 360 in the living room and a Linksys Media Extender in the bedroom. We recently decided to go back to using the Verizon whole house DVR and a second box for the bedroom.

Anyway.. to cut a long story short everything was working fine for a couple of weeks until we started to get loud and random fan noise from the QIP 7216 DVR in the living room.

I tried all the obvious things like pulling power for a few minutes, checking all the settings in the DVR but I could not figure out how to adjust the fan speed/noise.

I knew that if I called Tech Support I would just be on the phone for 2 hours answering unrelated questions and just end up with another QIP 7216 which would probably just do the same thing.

After much searching, we (my wife) found the solution. The LED setting for the front of the DVR is set to Medium by default, if you change this to Low the Fan stops.

On the remote go to : Menu – Settings – Set Top Box – LED Brightness – and select Low.

My only conclusion is that it must be a smart fan and the LED being set to Medium must produce too much heat. Weird.